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A garage door represents a major investment in your home's appearance and security. Manufacturers offer a wide range of options that vary in style, material, price and function. At Garage Door Repair Irving, our specialists understand the challenges associated with choosing the right door and we are here to help.

Irving TX garage doors

Garage Doors Are Massive

Because the garage door takes up so much space, the architectural style of the home should play a major role in selecting the right style. Installing a door that does not match the home decreases curb appeal and has a negative effect on property value.

High level of visual appeal

Wood garage doors offer a high level of visual appeal but the maintenance necessary to keep them looking good is a turn off for many consumers. Moist climates are particularly rough on wood doors and failing to stain or paint the door every few years will accelerate its deterioration because it will splinter, crack and peel. Wood is the best choice for custom doors because the material is the easiest to work with. Skilled fabricators can build a door to fit any size or shape opening and can even add windows to allow natural light to reach the interior.

Steel or Wood Door

A steelback door with a composite overlay offers the beauty of wood without the extensive maintenance required by the real thing. Steel doors are available in various thicknesses with 24-gauge steel a popular choice because it does not dent easily and can withstand minor impacts with minimal damage.

Aluminum and glass garage doors

Aluminum and glass doors provide a modern look that fits well with contemporary home designs. Many experts recommend lightweight aluminum for double car garages because the operating mechanism is under less strain than with other material options. The downside to aluminum is its vulnerability to damage and tendency to dent with minor impacts. Some models feature synthetic panels that are resistant to dents but they cost more.

Insulated garage doors are better

Insulated garage doors can increase energy efficiency and add an improved level of comfort if the garage is used regularly as functional living space. The door's ability to insulate is reflected in its R-value. A higher R-value provides a higher level of insulation and can effectively block noise. Insulated doors are constructed with polyurethane or polystyrene. Polystyrene doors are thicker than those containing polyurethane but actually have a lower R-value so you should not judge how well a door insulates by thickness alone.

Different styles to consider

You have many different styles to consider when choosing a new garage door. Popular raised panel doors add dimension and can serve as a focal point for the front of a home while flush panel designs tend to blend into the surrounding architecture seamlessly. Timeless carriage house designs appear to fold, slide or swing outward but incorporate overhead technology identical to all modern doors.

We install all types of doors

If you purchase a door that we already have in stock, our technicians can install it the same day with no need to schedule a future appointment. Call the experts at Garage Door Repair Irving for help choosing a door that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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