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Making sure your garage door and opener work as well as they should requires preventive maintenance. Hiring the professionals at Garage Door Repair Irving is the most effective and easiest way to maintain your equipment and ensure is lasts as long as possible. If you use your garage door to access the home on a regular basis, as most people do, your door performs several cycles every day. Industry sources indicate that most households use the garage door upwards of 1,500 times each year. That kind of constant use puts strain on the components and eventually parts will wear to the point that they break.

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Standard maintenance

Standard maintenance begins with a careful inspection of all components to check for excessive wear. The various parts under inspection include pulleys, door panels, weather seals, drums and springs. During the inspection, the technician will tighten any mounts, brackets, bolts and hinges that have loosened with use.

Friction is the biggest enemy of moving parts

To reduce friction, our garage door experts will lube all parts to prevent damage. Steel rollers, bearings, roller stems, springs and hinges used in the typical garage door operating system require a certain type of lubricant for smooth operation. Experienced technicians know how much lubricant to use and are careful not to use too much to prevent dirt from clogging the mechanism. Anything interfering with movement will strain the components and can cause them to fail prematurely.

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance also involves an inspection of the door opener and the motor. Lubricating the moving parts, including the chain, front idler and rear sprockets will allow the door to move without resistance. In some cases, the chain or belt may need adjustments. Our technicians know how to check the door's down force pressure and what to do to make it right. They will test the safety mechanisms including the sensors to ensure they are doing what they are supposed to do.

Out of balance?

You can do your part by keeping an eye on the door for any signs of trouble. A door that will not remain open or that requires excessive force to move it may be out of balance. Only a professional with the expertise and tools necessary to adjust the springs should fix this problem. The various components, such as the cables, rollers and pulleys must be under extreme tension to work properly. If any of these parts fails, the system will not work safely. You can count on our garage door experts to identify all small problems before they become big problems that cost even more to repair.

Regular maintenance is recommended

Regular maintenance of your door and opener can help you avoid a complete failure and the need to spend a lot of money on repairs or replacement parts. With regular inspections, our technicians can keep your garage door operating system in good working condition. You can be confident that the members of your family and your personal property are safe and secure. Trust the qualified technicians at Garage Door Repair Irving to provide reliable maintenance at a price you can afford.

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