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Garage door openers are more than just a luxury for homeowners. They provide security as well as a safe way to move an object that weighs several hundred pounds. If your opener needs service or you need to replace it, call Garage Door Repair Irving and speak to the experts.

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Automatic opener = personal safety

An automatic opener enhances personal safety because it eliminates the need to exit your vehicle to open and close the door manually. You are especially vulnerable after dark. With an opener, you can drive into the garage, close the door and safely enter the house. At the same time, a quality door keeps intruders from gaining access to the garage and home while keeping your belongings, including your vehicle safe from theft.

When selecting a door opener, you will have many options to consider. The price and noise level generated by the system will depend on the operating system you choose. Chain drive garage door openers are less expensive than other options but can be noisy because the chain, which is similar to that on a bicycle, runs along a steel rail. Regular maintenance for this type of opener involves adjusting the chain when it becomes loose to keep it from slapping against the rail and making even more noise.

Some homeowners opt for belt drive garage door openers because they are quiet even though they cost more. These openers feature a sturdy, reinforced rubber belt in place of the steel chain. They require minimal maintenance because they have fewer moving parts than other types of openers. A belt drive opener is preferable if the garage has any living space next to or directly above it.

Genie and LiftMaster products

Our inventory of door openers includes Genie and LiftMaster products, which are among the most popular brands available. They come with motors generating various amounts of horsepower. An opener with a 1/3 horsepower motor is adequate for most doors up to 10 feet wide. An insulated wood or steel door will move easier with an opener that works on a ' horsepower motor. Extra wide doors may require a motor that generates '-horsepower to handle the additional weight.

Variety of safety features

All openers come equipped with a variety of safety features designed to keep users and personal property safe from harm. Built in sensors are able to detect any obstruction in the door's path while it is moving. These sensors stop the door's motion to prevent it from making contact with a person or object. Homeowners do not have to worry about anyone stealing the remote code because most systems use rolling code technology to reset the code every time the user activates the remote. Optional battery back-up systems allow the opener to operate the door after a power outage for as long as the battery holds a charge.

Perform routine maintenance

You can extend the life of your opener by having our technicians perform routine maintenance. A standard maintenance call will involve lubricating all moving parts and making adjustments as necessary to ensure smooth operation. If your door opener requires repairs or you want to purchase a new system, contact Garage Door Repair Irving to discuss your options.

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