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Opening and closing a heavy garage door requires multiple parts working together smoothly and efficiently. If a part breaks, the system may fail to work as it should causing damage to property or injury to the home's occupants. The best way to protect your family and property is to purchase parts from Garage Door Repair Irving.

Irving TX garage doors

Garage door hinges

The hinges play an important role on sectional doors. Heavy-duty 14-gauge hinges are placed between sections to join them together and allow them to pivot while the door moves along the track. Some hinges also provide support for the rollers. If a hinge breaks, you should call a qualified technician to replace it.

Steel or nylon rollers

A series of steel or nylon rollers travel along the tracks as the door opens and closes. Nylon rollers are common on residential garage doors because they are durable, quiet and stand up to harsh weather. Steel rollers can be noisy but are capable of supporting more weight. Rollers come in a variety of sizes with different stem lengths and diameters. Our experienced technicians know how to select the right roller for any size or type of door.

Torsion Springs

Counterbalance springs wind and unwind when the door is moving to provide the power to lift and lower the weight. Garage door springs are under full tension when the door is closed. The size and weight of the spring depends on the size and weight of the door. Installing the wrong size spring will throw the system out of balance and can damage other components of the system.

Garage door drums

The drums are additional components that help balance the door. Drums are located on both ends of the shaft running through the torsion springs. They collect and distribute the cables as the door moves up and down. Most residential doors use standard-lift cable drums available from Garage Door Repair Irving.

Garage Door Cables

Broken cables can do a tremendous amount of damage when they break because they are under such an extreme amount of tension. The recoil is violent and can cause property damage or severe injury when the cable snaps. Because the cables are under stress, it is common for them to fray and eventually break. You should call us immediately if you notice a cable that is starting to show signs of wear so a technician can replace it before it breaks and causes damage.

Garage door opener

If a garage door opener has a worn or broken gear, a door opener gear kit contains all the components necessary to fix it. These kits are sold complete with a plastic worm wheel, a new gear, washers, hardware and lubricant.

The rollers and tracks

Rollers require tracks to guide them as the door moves into position. The door's size and weight dictate how long and wide the tracks need to be. Sometimes a simple track adjustment will restore the door's ability to move smoothly. A bent track is a more serious problem that requires replacement.

Replacement parts

When you need replacement parts, you can rely on Garage Door Repair Irving to supply quality parts that meet or exceed industry standards for safety and performance.

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