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The springs do most of the work every time you open and close your garage door. With most households cycling a garage door thousands of times every year, the professionals at Garage Door Repair Irving spend a lot of time adjusting and replacing broken springs. The tension needed to move such a heavy object increases the danger associated with working on garage door springs. You can avoid the risk of suffering a debilitating injury by hiring experts to do the job. Our technicians have years of experience and know how to do this work safely without endangering themselves or others.

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Is your Spring Broken?

A broken spring compromises the entire system and the longer you wait to have it replaced, the more damage it will do. Making sure all parts are well lubricated will prolong the life of a spring but after thousands of cycles, replacement is inevitable. When a spring breaks, the best thing you can do is call us for help.

Extension and torsion springs

Extension and torsion springs are the two most common types of springs used in residential garage door applications. Extension springs, found above the horizontal track or on either side of the door, tug on cables as they contract or stretch every time the door is in motion. The attachment point may be a pivot pin, a track tension adjusting bolt or a pulley depending on the system. Torsion springs are more common than extension springs and are wrapped around a metal shaft that hangs directly above the door. Some systems require a single spring to apply the torque necessary to lift and lower the heavy door while others feature a pair with one on either side of the midway point of the door opening. Two springs provide a greater level of stability and safety. This is important if one of the two springs breaks while the door is open. The other spring will prevent the door from falling to the ground and injuring a person or damaging personal property, including the door.

Replace both springs

We advise all customers to replace both springs even if only one breaks. Pairing a new spring with a worn one puts excessive stress on the used one and throws the system off balance. This prevents smooth operation and can cause the old spring and other components to fail. You can save on costly repairs and future service by replacing both springs simultaneously.

Our technicians are experts in spring replacement

Selecting the right spring for the system is crucial and our technicians are experts in spring replacement. Springs come in a wide range of sizes and must match the size and weight of the door for proper function. Installing the wrong springs interferes with performance and will eventually lead to more problems. Our garage door experts install only quality springs that are rated to last for more than 30,000 cycles. That translates to more than two decades for the average consumer. Protect your investment by relying on the experts. If you suspect you need a new spring or one breaks, call Garage Door Repair Irving immediately for a free estimate.

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