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The experts at Garage Door Repair Irving have solutions when you need help with broken door panels, frayed cables, snapped springs and more. Continuous exposure to the elements and daily use put a tremendous amount of strain on your garage door. When a part fails, we can minimize the inconvenience and restore function quickly and efficiently. Moving a heavy garage door requires the smooth operation of multiple components working together. The failure of just one part interferes with the door's movement and could make it impossible to raise or lower the door, leaving you locked out of your home or your vehicle trapped inside the garage.

Irving TX garage doors

We respond quickly

Garage Door Repair Irving will always respond quickly to your call for help. For most repairs and installation, we can complete the job on the same day, allowing you to get on with your life. Most homeowners lack the knowledge and skills it takes to repair or replace a broken garage door or automatic opener. Because the system requires an extreme level of tension to work properly, working on it can be dangerous for someone without the proper experience. Avoid unnecessary risk by calling on our qualified technicians, who can save you money and time.

Garage door experts

We provide our garage door experts with the equipment and parts needed to fix your door or opener in one visit, eliminating a future service call, You can rely on them to handle the problem, whether it is something simple such as a broken hinge or something more complicated that requires replacing or adjusting multiple parts.

Local service provider

As a trusted local service provider, we treat every customer with respect and we are not happy until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. You will never have to pay a service fee when you make an appointment with Irving Garage Door Repair. We use only quality parts and offer the most competitive prices in town for springs, openers, doors, hinges and whatever else we need to fix your garage door operating system. Our technicians take the time to explain everything to you and are never too busy to provide satisfactory answers to all your questions. They have experience repairing and installing all types of garage doors and openers. They will never try to talk you into purchasing services or parts that you do not need. Our reputation in the community depends on our ability to deliver outstanding customer service at a price you can afford.

Preventive garage door maintenance

With preventive maintenance, you can save thousands of dollars on expensive repairs and replacing parts before their time. You can extend the life of your door operating system by scheduling regular maintenance to lubricate the moving parts and adjust or tighten cables, bolts, hinges, tracks and springs. Replacing worn rollers will reduce stress on the opener and ensure it works whenever you need it to. Identifying problems and offering affordable solutions is what we do.

Broken garage door or opener?

Save yourself the hassle of dealing with a broken garage door or opener by contacting the pros at Garage Door Repair Irving today.

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